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How Did Two Young Guys Start a Successful Delivery Business

How Did Two Young Guys Start a Successful Delivery Business

The Story of "Mair Li" and Delivery Management

"Mair Li” (which translates to: “fast to me”), is a shipping carrier that has introduced a new concept to the dynamic business world: "fast same-day deliveries". Although with the binding promise there were also obstacles, especially in the shipment management department until one day, the owners of the company incorporated a delivery management system that organized everything. Here's their story and some great tips for delivery companies just starting out.

The Journey Begins

It started as a classic success story – two young guys from Gush Katif in Israel, who came across an opportunity and just went for it. According to Aviram, one of the partners in the company: "We are two partners, we grew up in Gush Katif and have been friends basically forever. My business partner Yossi, who worked as a salesman in a large national company, heard about a business that needed same-day deliveries”, he says. "I wasn’t familiar with the courier business, but at the time I had a pickup truck and said ”let’s go with the flow”'. We divided the work among us – Yossi was making deliveries to this business and I was making vegetable deliveries with the pickup truck. This is how days went by, we made around 15 deliveries to about 20 cities, until we slowly scaled and these days we happily serve hundreds of satisfied customers", says Aviram.

Overcoming Challenges

Setting up a business in general and a delivery business in particular isn’t easy and difficulties pop up from every direction. For example, we need to do the actual work, to take care of couriers, give fair wages and in general to recruit reliable couriers who will stay long-term instead of just to supplement their income”. There’s no doubt that we had our fair share of difficulties and although we tried to create solutions out of thin air, what was still missing is a strong entity to take charge of the Sisyphean work that we were doing. This is when our loving relationship with LionWheel’s delivery system began”, says Aviram.

LionWheel - Revolutionizing Delivery Management

Understanding LionWheel

What is LionWheel? LionWheel is a delivery management system, which allows shipping carriers to do route planning easily and efficiently according to shipping addresses, while interfacing with the drivers’ delivery app. Along with all of these, the delivery software incorporates integrations and tools to take the business to the next level and break boundaries.

Embracing LionWheel

Ending chaos with LionWheel: Like dozens of delivery businesses in Israel, "Mair Li" also decided to put an end to the chaos and work in an orderly manner. According to Aviram: "Working with LionWheel began when we realized that it was not possible to continue working manually. We felt that we had completely lost control, luckily we came across the delivery management software through a Google search. We discovered a super organized delivery system that has all the solutions to the disorganization we’ve had as a startup. The LionWheel support team is always available for any questions, and if necessary they will create custom features for our specific needs”.

Customer Assurance

A delivery system which gives customers a sense of security: The LionWheel system helps arrange couriers’ routes at the touch of a button and includes a courier app which allows to track the drivers. To give control to the delivery company, the delivery management system sends customers text messages and updates them when shipments have arrived. "The feature of sending a text message to a customer, reduces a significant amount of customer queries and gives them a sense of security. At the end of the day, the delivery system saves us quite a bit of time, money and mainly prevents headaches and phone calls that are difficult to answer", Aviram tells us.

Essential Tips for Aspiring Delivery Companies

Insights and Recommendations

And now for the tips which can be applied right at this moment: There are some critical things that make a good delivery business excellent, Aviram shared some tips for a delivery business in the early stages. He told us that the most important thing for a shipping carrier is the service and availability to the customer. The service is actually provided by the couriers, who serve as the face of the business, so it is very important to choose quality couriers and provide training and feedback that will include points for improvement or preservation.

Integration of Technology

Another important thing is to incorporate a delivery management software from the beginning, in order to create organization in the business. A delivery software conveys professionalism to the customer and gives them a sense of security. A tip given to us by Aviram: "My recommendation to companies is to choose a delivery management system that includes a delivery app for drivers, so that they can see the entire route and the itinerary at the touch of a button and for the managers to be able to easily arrange an efficient route for them. Another thing to pay attention to is delivery times. In the end, the companies with the fastest delivery times win, therefore a delivery business that offers both a good service and high availability, will be able to keep customers long-term”, says Aviram.

Future Aspirations

In conclusion, Aviram tells us that he strives to expand the activity of "Mair Li" a little more, from Ashkelon to Netanya in same-day deliveries, to make both their service and automation more efficient and of course to become the number one shipping carrier in Israel for same-day deliveries.

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