Couriers Integrations

Now it's easy to dispatch your deliveries to 3rd party couriers you work with. No need to copy-paste and no room for mistakes.



Easy to dispatch your deliveries to 3rd party couriers you work with.


No need to copy-paste and no room for mistakes – just automate the dispatch to other couriers as deliveries come in.


Apply geo-fencing and create a smart layer of delivery zones that dispatches the deliveries to different couriers based on the geo-zones.


Some of our clients found it’s the most effective to deliver by themselves within their dense delivery region, while extending their service to remote geographies by automating the partnership with other couriers.


You can optimize and manage your own fleet, but you can also dispatch some of the deliveries to other courier partners so they can extend your business while you will be able to manage and control it all from one single platform

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Our customers say

Amazing experience

Our lives have changed since LionWheel came in. the drivers are happy and I sleep well at night. I highly recommend using LionWheel for a delivery system

Joseph Florres
Pepsi - Operations Manager

Best team out there

LionWheel allowed us to save to much time tedious time copy and pasting from and to excel and maps – now it’s all in one place

Oshrat Damari
Organic Produce - Office Manager

Great customer service

Since COVID-19 hit we started working B2C and delivering our boxes directly to consumers. LionWheel were huge part of our success and allowed us to scale the operation end to end

Elior Chen
Orr Couriers - CEO