Last Mile Delivery Software for B2C

An advanced system for managing deliveries to your end customers. It integrates with your systems for driver route planning, includes a POD (Proof of Delivery) app for drivers, and facilitates SMS communication with customers to provide real-time updates on delivery progress.

Lion Wheel for B2B
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Routes Planning

Our advanced address-based route planning system automatically generates efficient travel routes, saving up to 30% on operational costs. The system calculates estimated arrival times (ETA) and allows for automated planning and communication of these times with customers.

Our route planning system creates optimal distribution routes for drivers, enabling them to serve the maximum number of customers in the minimum amount of time and fuel. The system considers constraints such as time windows, truck weight, truck volume, the number of pallets, driver hours, and more.
Lion Wheel App
Lion Wheel App

Happy Customers

Enhance your customers' delivery experience by sending SMS notifications with estimated arrival times and real-time updates. Provide proof of delivery through photos and driver signatures. Transparency and clarity are key to satisfied customers.
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What our customers say

The Flower Fix
Customer rating
I'm a small florist who moved to LionWheel from an expensive florist based POS with integrated local delivery. This app saves us a TON of time on busy days routing different drivers. My customers like the proof of delivery photo, a huge deal in my industry. Support has been immediate and all our questions are 100% addressed. Pricing is competitive and the total time spent using the app is far less than other local delivery apps we tested.
Ever Gourmet
Customer rating
We sought an app to streamline and enhance our delivery process for perishable food items. LionWheen has proven to be excellent for us. Specific features, like picture proof of delivery, were swiftly added upon request. Now, our customers experience seamless delivery arrangements, including ETA and drop-off confirmation with a link to picture proof. We're eager to explore more of the app's capabilities through integration.
Leaner Mirrors
Customer rating
Impressive app and support team! Delivering mirrors is challenging, prompting us to use our own vans due to third-party couriers damaging our products. Finding a suitable route planning app, both on and off Shopify, was a struggle—we tried over 6, each either too complex or lacking features. Fortunately, we found Lion Wheel, which is simple, feature-rich, and loved by our drivers. 100% recommend! We've successfully delivered 900+ orders through the app. Thanks!

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