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How Did Golda Ice Cream brand Saves 30% On Their Delivery Costs?

How Did Golda Ice Cream brand Saves 30% On Their Delivery Costs?

Improving Efficiency with LionWheel: Glida Iruim's Success Story

Cost-Cutting Impact

Glida Iruim, a premier ice cream delivery service catering to the renowned chain "Golda," found a game-changer in the LionWheel delivery management system. The transition to LionWheel brought remarkable efficiency, slashing operational costs by 30%.

Streamlined Operations Revolutionize Delivery

Alon German, Operations Manager at Glida Iruim, vividly recalls the challenges before adopting LionWheel. "We relied on Excel, sending couriers without clear directions or drop-off details," he explains. "LionWheel transformed everything. Now, I have full visibility over schedules, past/future shipments, and can track deliveries across multiple clients."

Savings Unveiled: A Testament to Efficiency

With LionWheel, Glida Iruim optimized routes and schedules, achieving a 30% cost reduction. Alon emphasizes, "What used to consume 8 hours on Excel now takes 2. We accomplished a 10-day delivery goal in just 7, saving as much as a full-time courier’s monthly salary!"

Rapid Adaptation and Unparalleled Control

Discussing the system's learning curve, Alon notes, "Within 24 hours, I mastered the system. Even for others, two days’ effort provides comprehensive familiarity." He appreciates the system’s user-friendly interface, granting comprehensive control over deliveries, emphasizing the SMS feature's cost-saving aspect.

Seamless Control and Cost Efficiency

Summing up, Alon lauds, "The user-friendly interface and control over deliveries are standout features. Plus, the SMS tool, integrating automated communication, consolidates all our needs, significantly saving costs." LionWheel truly revolutionized Glida Iruim's operations.

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