How to Optimize Delivery Operations in the Business

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These days, every business needs a functioning delivery system in place, just like an efficient “system” with minimal glitches and errors, since any mistake or a shipping delay, leads to complaints from dissatisfied customers along with negative online reviews. Not to mention, financial losses.

Do you have a distribution network or an online store? All the tips for optimizing your business’s delivery operations are waiting for you right here. Implementing these tips will help you save valuable time, streamline the process and spend less time dealing with the subject overall. Simply build a long-lasting mechanism.

Shall we begin?

Start working with a user-friendly delivery management software:

If you thought for a moment that you can manage distribution on your own with sticky notes or tables, think again. The best way to streamline deliveries is to work with a delivery management software, which allows you to have a record of each delivery from start to finish. By using this delivery app, you can manage couriers on the go, manage route planning and enable bulk deliveries which will save time and eventually increase revenue.

In addition, with a delivery management system in place, you will be able to take advantage of various features to optimize delivery operations, such as: tracking, navigation, proof of delivery, route planning, integrations with many other interfaces and much more.

Having data records for strategic decision-making:

No matter which delivery management software you’re using, it’s very important that there will be a record of the day-to-day activities in the database to be able to generate reports in the future, derive conclusions and make smart business decisions. For example, by the average number of deliveries, you will know exactly how many couriers you will need to hire. There may be a shortage of couriers or too many at that moment. Another example is using this data to understand which shipping zones are most profitable, if it’s better to cut down on some of them and so on.

You can extract this information from delivery management systems, which allow you to generate segmented and precise reports in order to optimize couriers’ deliveries.

Appointing a distribution manager:

A big mistake that hurts the efficiency of delivery management is not appointing a distribution manager to be in charge of delivery operations in the business. Many times businesses appoint a general manager, who is also in charge of delivery operations among their many other roles, but when the number of deliveries increases, it turns out that they have to multi-task, making it almost impossible to properly manage deliveries.

It’s recommended to appoint a distribution manager who can offer creative solutions. Among other things, their job will entail managing deliveries and couriers from beginning to end, recruiting couriers, taking care of emergencies and many other responsibilities, so that customers will get a professional and efficient customer service.

Recruiting great employees:

No matter what sort of business you own and how much you invest in managing the delivery system, if a courier speaks to customers in an unprofessional manner or asks for a tip in a rude way, they could ruin everything for you. This is why it’s important to  focus on recruiting kind couriers and to revisit the workplace policy every once in a while.

Improving your delivery service with the help of constructive criticism:

The truth is, it’s never pleasant to get criticism from customers, especially when they’re upset about their package not arriving on time, etc. Still, you must treat it as constructive criticism so that you can streamline work processes and improve your service. Another point in this regard, is to try to get your employees’ opinions (for example: couriers and managers), so you will be able to streamline your services, improve them and reach new heights in delivery times, quality of service and employee retention.

Sending text messages to customers:

Sending text messages to customers allows you to improve business transparency and trust with customers, as well as to decrease customer requests. For example: a reminder about the courier's arrival, an update about shipping delays, proof of delivery and so on.

Good luck!